Top festivals in Madagascar

Visiting Madagascar at the right time of their holiday, tourists will have a taste of local culture via joining festivals and events.

1.    Whale festival 

If you are an ocean lover, this is the festival you should not miss. Every first two weeks of July, not only tourists but also local people wish to see the breathtaking scenery of thousands of humpback whale migrating to Sainte Marie Island (off the East coast of Madagascar) where they can give birth to their babies in the warm and shallow water. 




The festival kicks off with a brightly-colored parade full of local school kids coming to learn through reality. During the time of festival, many competing activities and exhibition take place. The event also receives financial support from local communities and the government. 


2.    Famadihana

The festival may be considered unusual, a little bit horror and weird by global travelers once visiting Madagascar since it is a feast to dance with the dead. On that day, family members bring forth the bodies of their ancestors from the family crypts, rewrap the corpses in fresh cloth and rewrite their names on the cloth so that they will always be remembered. As one foreigner who witnessed the ceremony described, “I came expecting the most macabre of ceremonies but instead found an extreme form of adoration for loved ones that will forever change how I view life and death”.




3.    Zegny’ Zo Festival 

Held every year on the third week of May in the port city named Diego Suarez located in northern Madagascar, the Zegny’s Zo is one of the liveliest festivals of the country. The streets will be filled with dancers, musicians, and artists. If you want to explore Madagascar traditional music and dance, joining the festival is a great idea.  The most attracting feature of the festival is the week-long carnival celebration and still walkers.                            




4.    Donia Music Festival

It is a renowned week-long music festival in Nosy Be island, a coastal gem of Madagascar. Every September, the event expects up to 40,000 music lovers to attend at Hell-Ville Stadium. The music festival featuring music and culture from the West Indian Ocean. In addition to the music and dancing, the event includes sporting activities, beauty pageants, competitive contests, and cultural exhibits.



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