3 types of wonders for tourism in Madagascar

Madagascar’s beauty can be seen through different lens. Below are three options for a journey of exploring Madagascar.

1.    Antananarivo - the bustling capital city

If you want to stay in a bustling city, Antananarivo will be the best choice. Besides being the most populous city of Madagascar, Antananarivo is also the center of key business and national culture. The city is a blend of traditional and modern beauty, not only known for its diversified ecosystem, national parks, and beaches. Until now, some old parts of the capital still remain the French colonialism and architecture. 




Suggested famous tourist sites:

  • The Albert Camus Cultural Center: a great place for catching art exhibitions, films and concerts. 
  • Musee de L'Art et d'Archéologie: a museum where visitors can learn more about Malagasy history. 
  • Lemurs' Park: It is in the outskirt of Antananarivo, the park is set up to protect different types of the endangered Lemur. The park is also home to free-ranging Radiated Tortoise, Iguanas, and Chameleons and more than 70 species of plant and trees of Madagascar.
  • La City Centre Commercial: Large brands, as well as locally-owned shops, can be found throughout the mall. The mall offers an indoor playground for kids so that parents can freely go shopping.

From Antananarivo, it is not difficult for tourists to commute to other towns since the railway station are connected to most parts of the country. 


2.    Natural landscapes

Madagascar island is home to mysterious and fantastic things. If you desire to see the natural beauty of wildlife animals, visiting national parks in Madagascar will be the best choice.  

Avenue of the Baobab trees

One of the most unique beauties of Madagascar is the giant Baobab aging thousand years that have been shown in many well-known cartoons. In the western side of Madagascar stands these tall Baobab trees symmetrically lined up on a road lying between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina. Its unusual and raw beauty draws the attention of many tourists and makes it one of the best places to visit in Madagascar.




Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park 

It is one of Madagascar’s newest park which was first opened in 1998 and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in 1990. The park features a broad expanse of mangrove forest. Coming here, you can admire the beautiful natural picture of sharp limestone rocks scattered everywhere mixed with primeval forests and small waterfalls.




Its name, 'Tsingy' is known as 'where one cannot walk', due to the hazardous formations of razor-sharp pinnacles made from limestone which have been eroded by tropical rain. Despite the cold temperature and dangerous topography, the place is home to many different types of lemurs. 



Cold Water Geysers in Analavory

Analavory town is known for its 4 unusual geysers that do not work in accordance with the law of nature. Before turning into a tourism destination, this is where many ancestor rites, which was called “Fanasinana”, take place with the hope to have kids and wish for health recovery. 




The water here is very warm and rich of carbonic acid that easily dissolves a large amount of lime along with its way. The carbon dioxide-rich water rushes along the pipe under pressure and when it emerges at the end of the pipeline, the sudden decrease in pressure causes the dissolved carbon dioxide gas to erupt in bubbles producing a geyser-like phenomenon. This is similar to opening a bottle of soda.


3.    The Coastal Gems

Being the 4th largest island around the globe, it is undoubtedly that blue beaches are considered as the best specialty of Madagascar. 


Ifaty is home to the fishing industry and located on the southwest coastline of Madagascar. The region comprises of two small fishing villages. Therefore, you may find different species of marine animals in the town. It’s also a good chance to taste fresh and high-quality seafood. There are lots of things to do in Ifaty and Tulear including snorkeling, joining catamaran tours at the Mozambique channel, visiting the traditional reed villages, …




Nosy Be

Nosy Be, meaning “Big Island”, is a nice island with good beaches and diversified hotels, attracting enthusiastic travelers all over the world annually. You can head into the local village and visit the little handicraft stores and play with the adorable children. Just like Ifaty, there are lots of things you can do in Nosy Be, such as participate in a scuba diving adventure, snorkeling, or visiting the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve. 




We guess you are completely excited to explore one of the largest islands in the world. Without a doubt, “seeing is believing”, plan your tour right now to Madagascar for an adventerous experience.  

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